You Can Only Go Up From Here!

Welcome to your Musical Journey…

You Can Only Go Up From Here by Zona Jetson hit the public on November 24, 2017 – Black Friday. Originally created by Jetson as a showcase of his musical ability and range, You Can Only Go Up instead stands strongly as a melodic art piece individually guiding each listener through their own journey of life from song 1 to 11.


Life is a funny thing; it’s a rollercoaster full of sadness and anger, commanding through lessons and adventures, to happiness, joy, and success. Three things we now know are for sure in life: Death, Taxes, and from wherever you are today in your life – we all want to go up. That’s why this collection resonates with all of its listeners, its takes you on a ride that you create. After listening to it entirely, I had crafted my own version of events to accompany every song and adding imagery to the melodies came naturally through the complexity of each track.

My favorites songs were, in my opinion, the ones that strongly showed the evolution of the story (your story). For example in my imagery, track 1: The Hunger For More, speaks innocence and simplicity, it’s the beginning of wherever you are in life, where you are blissfully happy and don’t know what’s to come yet. Songs 2-4 are the ultimate build up, they take you high, and remind you of all the fun, adventurous, maybe even scary times you’ve had in your life. You then reach track 5 – a real turning point. “Chance” declares IMG_0294triumph, conquest, and achievement. You’re at the peak, and in my take, the defining moment of the album. Track 6 and 7 significantly change in tone, expressing possible thoughtfulness, maybe reflection or contemplation of the journey thus far. Songs 8 and 9 pick back up to more positive feel, rounding out to track 10: Don’t Wait On Me, showcasing what I feel as contentment. You are finally where you are today – whether good or bad, you’ve made it. You overcame through high times and low times, but you’re here and you’re better than ever. Finally, the closing song is the perfect conclusion to the album: Silver Lining. This song sends a “to be continued” vibe. As long as you are breathing, your story is never over.

Clearly, listening to this album has taken me on my own rollercoaster journey. I connect with each song in a way that is more like a story rather than a traditional music album. And the best part of this art piece is that you can connect with it in your own unique way too. We might come from different backgrounds, colors, creeds, and religions, but we all have at least one thing in common: we all want to go up from here.

Thank me later and get this album on any streaming service here!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!




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