Noie J is riding his own wave with 28.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas comes Noie J with his new album titled “28.” The Baker Yung produced album picks up where the two left off on their banger “Hills” and takes you on a musical journey which begins with the up-tempo “Aint Worried” and moves effortlessly to the slower and more personal “Hustle” and “Run Way”.

Noie’s musical inspiration began when he was in the 2ndgrade after first hearing artists such as Nelly, DMX, and Cash Money members. After being inspired at such a young age, image_6483441his passion was solidified. Through the years, being influenced by the likes of Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi, his rapping style has developed a unique sound, palpable in every song although individually unique for each track. We were immediately pulled in by “Noie’s Ark”, paying homage to his producer and road dog, Baker Yung in the melodic number. In this upbeat track Noie crafts a catchy chorus rapping “me and Baker from the start, I cant let them ride the wave, this is Noie’s Ark.”  Noie understands that in Houston especially, dope melodies are everything and he doesn’t disappoint in that arena.

Having previously performed at Lyrical Lemonade in Austin, stay tuned for big surprises coming for Noie J with shows in the works around the country! In the meantime, make sure you cop the #BrandNew Noie J album, 28. out on Saturday July 28, 2018 on Apple Music here or find it on your favorite platform!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



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