The Solemn Ceremony of… Eating!

Brand New Houston is back! And with a bang!

Today we dive in to a rich and savory Heights gem, known as Ritual. This place is amazing, taking you on a food adventure from first entrance.

Walking in, the setting has an old east coast feel. Especially with the brick walls and the staff uniforms, you immediately feel like you’re in New York City circa 1928 Prohibition times.

One thing you’ll pick up on right away – you need to order meat. Why? Well everywhere you look will be giant cuts of butchered and aging meats just hanging deliciously. Literally, there was a pig head right next to me as I was eating and not in a scary FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegway, but like in a “were going to feed you so good way”.

First order was their famous appetizer Sourdough Hush Puppies with a jalapeno jelly. Not really spicy, mostly sweet. These babies are GOOD, but make sure you start eating them from the bottom because that’s where all the juice is. In bread opposite world, the soggier the better.

Next, main courses. We were there for brunch, so you already know it was HARD to choose because 1. Brunch is the best meal of the day and 2. Every single thing that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. A best of both worlds was chosen – Butcher’s Breakfast and Chicken & Waffles. Each must be discussed separately, otherwise would be an injustice.

Chicken and Waffles:

LITERALLY, the best chicken and waffles of life. Think salty and sweet and acidic and seasoned and crispy and fluffy. ALL OF THE THINGS. There is a thick and fluffy cornbread waffle on the bottom. Sounds weird, but totally not because it needs to be cornbread thick to hold the heavenly sauce. Then crispy, boneless chicken strips lay delicately on top completely smothered in this cayenne pepper rub and maple syrup mix which is like a sun orange color of flavor. On top to round it out perfectly, house made pickles to add the perfect amount of acid to each bite. And that exactly how it should be eaten.

Waffle + Chicken + Pickle = Never Look Back.


The Infamous Butcher’s Breakfast:

This dish right here is not for the faint of heart. If you love breakfast food, love a good steak, and have a hearty appetite, look no further than the first option on the menu. What you get here is…. Every single thing in the kitchen. More explicitly, a perfectly cooked and flavorful rib eye, deceivably thick cut, yet crisp bacon, silkier than silk grits (think – lighter than whipped cream), expertly prepared hash browns, Texas toast with delightfully refreshing house made cranberry jelly, and yard eggs cooked your way (we recommend sunny side up so the recently farmed runny egg yolk can grace the far reaching ends of your deliciously arranged plate in a way that was once only relished by royalty). Everything made here is completely farm to kitchen so fresh is an understatement. If you’re dreaming of breakfast heaven or a haven, say hello to Ritual.


Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



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