HRW – Back Like It Never Left!


Houston Restaurant Weeks are back for the month of August!

Brand New Houston has scoured this years list, and picked out some of our favorites below:


$45 dinner at B&B Butchers and you can get a 10 oz. filet!!

$45 dinner at Brennan’s of Houston for a huge selection including their famous Turtle Soup, Blackened Redfish, Filet Minon, and so much more!

$45 dinner at Le Colonial includes their amazing Bo Luc Lac!

and, to round out of favorites, $45 dinner at Pappa’s Steakhouse for anything at all because Pappa’s is amazing, but don’t even think about not ordering the Cheesecake!

These are just a small sample of the amazing restaurants participating in Houston Restaurant Weeks this year.. the list is killing it! Enjoy yourself this month and eat your heart out, Houston! And the best part is that a portion of every meal will go to The Houston Food Bank, so know you’re doing good by your meal as well!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Ruth’s Chris Goes Italiano, For One Night Only..

You’ve had the delicious sizzling steaks and the Crispy Lobster Tail appetizer (if not,  lock in your reservation here ASAP!), and now for one night only you can get Ruth’s TasteMaker Dinners Italian menu!

Houston, Texas – October 19, 2017 – Beginning at 6:30 p.m. –  $110 per person

One night, five courses with Marchesi Antinori wine pairings! You don’t want to miss this!!

To give a quick background, Ruth’s Chris began the Ruth’s TasteMaker Dinners earlier this year to feature exclusive menus paired with some of the most respected and admired wine and spirit makers in the world. This sixth and final 2017 showcase features the Antinori family’s highly praised Tuscan wines, which have been in production for centuries, ever since 1385 – not a typo.

WINE PAIRINGS - Photo of Bottles

Now for the food journey…

Course One starts off the palate with Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio. And if anyone knows1ST COURSE_ Beeft Tenderloin Carpaccio 3 their carpaccio, it’s Ruth’s Chris. 50 years of upscale steak experience in every tenderloin bite. We’re drooling already. Topped with fresh strawberries, sherry marinated beets, and roasted pine nuts for a full flavor combination bringing freshness and tender meat perfectly together. Also paired with the Antinori Scalabrone blend of Cabarnet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah, you’re off to a great start.

Course Two gets it going with a Burrata Cheese and Heirloom Tomato Salad because seriously, Burrata is arguably the best cheese that exists. Topped with a fresh Basil Gremolata, an Italian Herb Vinaigrette, and paired with the crisp and citrusy Antinori Vermentino as the perfect lead into the main courses.

By this time, we already know what you’re going to be thinking. The food is great, the drinks are perfect, you’re so glad you made this reservation, and you’re so excited for the next dish. We know, we know. Wait no longer..

3RD COURSE - Pan Seared Halibut & Patatas Bravas 2The Third Course is a Pan-Seared Halibut and Patatas Bravas with Sopressata, dried cherries and basil oil. Super flaky, but also meaty, perfectly cooked Halibut with Spanish style delicious potatoes to accompany. Paired is the Antinori Il Bruciato, which is a deeper blend of Cabarnet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah leaving a robust aroma of red berry fruits and sweet spices. Seriously, yes!

Course Four, yes still more, is probably what you’ve been waiting for. The drum roll. The main attraction. Porcini Rubbed Filet topped with Fried Veal Ravioli. You read that right, Filet and Veal and Ravioli… With Asparagus Gratin and Bagna Cauda – which is made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, and butter, served similarly to fondue. And if that wasn’t enough to make this meal spectacular, this dish also comes with perfectly pillowy roasted mushroom Risotto. This game changer meal is paired with the Antinori Bolgheri Superiore, a highly rated blend to round out this meal.

MAIN COURSE_ Porcini Rubbed Filet topped with Fried Veal Ravioli

If you have room, and we know you’ll make room because no one leaves deliciousness on the table, Course Five is dessert!! To end this Italian flavor ride is a Banana and Honey Panna Cotta with brûlée bananas and praline crunch. Paired with the Antinori Muffato della Sala white blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Grechetto, Semillon, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling, which sounds super confusing, but really its light, delicate, and the perfect amount of sweetness to pair with dessert!

As you take your last bite, you might actually forget that you’re still in Houston, Texas and will think you’re cliffside in Livorno, Italy overlooking the breathtaking Ligurian Sea. But, fear not, because while you’ll still be in tank-top Houston “Fall” weather, your taste buds will thank you for weeks.

Just remember, ONE NIGHT ONLY. October, 19, 2017. See you there!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Hurricane Harvey Emergency Info

Fellow Houstonians,

As we come together to support and protect each other, here is a list of emergency information is the reservoirs and bayou’s continue to change.

We are praying for our city and know that we WILL rebuild.

Harris County


Police, Firefighters, Ambulance

911 or 713-884-3131

City of Houston (Emergencies or Rescue)

311 or 713-837-0311

City of Pasadena

(Emergencies or Rescue)


City of LaPorte

(Emergencies or Rescue)


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)


Office of Emergency Management



Houston American Red Cross



Flood Control


Houston TranStar (Transportation and Emergency Services)


Sheriff’s Office


Texas Emergency Assistance Hotline




Coast Guard – Houston

713-464-4854 Ext 55

Or 4855, 4856

National Guard



Party Houston in Style!

There’s a lot that goes into planning a night out with friends. Between picking where to go and getting all your friends on the same page, its not easy. But, as Houstonians, we’re lucky to live in a city with so many options! From Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, to Washington Avenue and more, there are limitless opportunities for places to go for great food and drinks. Check out some great spots in some of Houston’s best night areas.


This Italian spot is a brand new addition to the Houston scene in River Oaks, having just opened at the beginning of August! It is best described as a champagne bar with fine dining elements, so it’s a great way to start off your night on the town. There are more than 1,000 wines, with 250 of them being sparkling. The food is made to be paired with the wine and champagne, and full bottles come with an impressive markdown compared to surrounding restaurants and bars. Their house fries or “pomme frites” are twice fried in duck fat, a must try for any foodie!

The Pastry War

This downtown spot is a two for one, as the building also hosts Tongue Cut Sparrow upstairs, which is a speakeasy style establishment with twenty five seats. While the name “the Pastry War” might make you think you’re heading to a cupcake joint, it’s actually a fantastic mezcaleria. They focus on mezcals and tequila centered drinks and also offer impressive house made tamales and queso. You wont find a better margarita in all of Houston! We recommend the Strawberry Balsamic Margarita!!


The Conservatory is a downtown underground beer garden and food hall where local vendors come to serve up a diverse selection of food. You can look forward to food from spots like Moku Bar, El Burro, Arte Pizzeria, and Melange Creperie. There are different activities set throughout the week like Trivia Tuesday and live DJ sets during the weekend. The draft list is enough to impress any beer aficionado.

So now, take these great spots, and add a few on Washington like Concrete Cowboy or hometown favorite Kung Fu Saloon and head there with all your friends usingsmallblack2 Texas Luxury Transportation! Party buses are the perfect way to conveniently bar hop with a group of friends while being super safe at the same time! PSA a DWI or DUI is $10,000 – yes, you saw those 0’s correctly!! You can order a bus, it will pick you up from home, and stay with you all night, taking you from bar to bar, all around the city before returning you to your pick up destination, safe and sound. You’re already planning on grabbing your phone to order an uber, so might as well choose a limousine or party bus which offers a much better experience that can midblack1even be the same price when split amongst friends. The interior is super decked out with stereos you can stream your own music from, neon lights, cup holders for your drinks, TV screens, and more. And the most important – no one has to be DD!!!!


Party buses are legit the most fun thing for a birthday, especially if you live in the suburbs, and a limousine can easily turn a dull night into an experience you won’t forget. Brand New Houston® has used party buses for events before, and lets just say it was a night everyone will never forget!!


Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



We Think Our New Favorite Color is Jasper..

Believe it or not, just up North I-45 are some of the best award winning ribs you can try East or West of the Mississippi.
We’re talking fall off the bone, all over your hands and face, craving more even though you’re full type of ribs.

In a charming town 35 minutes North of Houston, known as The Woodlands, you can find these ribs, and so many other delicious options at Jasper’s located central to all the action right on Main Street. In addition to their fabulous year round menu, they have recently added some summer items perfect for the season.

As an appetizer, is there anything better than goat cheese on everything? Don’t worry we’ll wait because the answer is no. Add it to the end of peach season and you have yourself the IMG_8597perfect start to a meal.

As a summer special, Jasper’s is pushing out Smoked Peach Bruschetta, which is a crispy Bruschetta with goat cheese and fresh peaches with a drizzle of sweet honey balsamic drizzled on top. Its soft, sweet, and tart with a crunch and will prepare your palate for the barbecue feast ahead.

Picking your entree will be the hard part. Between perfectly cooked burgers, quesadilla’s of the day, and a cedar smoked salmon, you’ll be making your next reservation before you even order. However, we highly recommend that whatever you choose, let it have their house-made barbecue sauce, because it’s out of this world good, and they give you plenty of it for dips and drips all over your plate!

Our first pick was the Shiner Bock BBQ Rotisserie Chicken. Mix beer, BBQ, and juicy chicken, and we call that a slam dunk – which it was. Crispy chicken skin, moist white IMG_8596meat, and Shiner Bock barbecue sauce laying on a perfect bed of Applewood smoked bacon-cheddar grits. This dish was light and fresh. The barbecue sauce was tangy rather than spicy and the grits were the perfect texture to hold the moisture and flavor of the BBQ chicken. As a hot new summer special item, we see how this can easily become a go-to for a hot summer day running in and out of the pool.

Our second and most favorite pick – of course, saving the best for last – is the (drumroll) Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs!!! These bad boys are so juicy, so flavorful, so amazingly good that you’ll be begging for more, promise! They are award winning too! Bon Appetite  named them the top 3 choices of “Best Ribs in America”. IN AMERICA! Bon Appetite wasn’t lying either. Your choice of either 2 or 3 cuts of the ribs (around 4 ribs in each cut) smothered in a tangy and zesty ancho chili BBQ sauce with an unbelievable side of creamy baked potato salad with fried onions on top that you won’t be able to stop eating! IMG_8592

This is not a drill, and deserves a full size picture ^ for you to understand the seriousness of this dish. The second that you try to pick a rib piece up, this is what will happen – it will fall right off the bone. You’re not even going to know what to do with yourself, because you won’t remember the last time you picked up a rib and that happened. You’ll start thinking of other places where ribs were that tender.. and you won’t be able to think of any, because you will be in a rib-coma from these babies. And Houston, we’re not joking about the ribs falling off the bone, this isn’t just a phrase… we have proof. Pics or it didn’t happen, so please see below! Have you ever seen bones so clean and beautiful? I don’t think so.IMG_8599

Even though you’re probably completely full from your life-changing ribs, if you have room for dessert, go ahead and dive in. If you’re feeling like you need something to hit that super sweet spot, go for the winning Butterfinger Creme Brule, Strawberry-Oreo Cheesecake, or Nutella (!!) Bread Pudding. However, if you want somethingIMG_8601 a bit more fresh and fruity, go for the Seasonal Fruit Crisp with vanilla ice cream. Think a cobbler/crumble mix full of warm and soft berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries) mixed with crumble in a smoking hot skillet with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top to create the perfect hot, cold, sweet, sour mix in your mouth. Plus its mostly fruit, so you’ll feel really good about your decision and one scoop of ice cream isn’t so bad because its calcium anyway and makes your bones strong. Now, thats the perfect meal in our book!

So the next time you’re on the hunt for the best ribs in arguably the world and don’t want to have to wait in line outside of some BBQ joint, go to Jasper’s. Or the next time you’re heading up I-45 on your way to or from Dallas, go to Jasper’s. Or the next time you have a concert at The Woodland’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Sublime and Luke Bryan coming soon) head to Jasper’s before you rock the night away. It’s truly a culinary anomaly, and more delicious that these pictures can show. You won’t be disappointed!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Brand New Alert: Bernie’s Burger Bus in the Heights!

We know you’ve seen the sign, and you’ve been anxiously waiting. Well, the day has finally arrived! Monday, July 31, 2017 is the official opening of Bernie’s Burger Bus in the Heights. Go! Go! Go!

#BrandNewHouston has been a major fan of Bernie’s Burger Bus for over 6 years now. We followed the food truck around the city, and watched the company blossom to its first brick and mortar. Today, they open their third location in the Heights on 2200 Yale St. Houston, Texas 77008. Their other 2 locations are in Bellaire, Texas and Katy, Texas.

Whenever anyone asks us where they can find the BEST burgers in Houston, the answer is quick and fast: Bernie’s! The flavor is undeniable, the ingredients are fresh, and every bite is made with love. Our favorite burgers are… all of them, but we’ll narrow it down for you.


The Homeroom is a single patty cheeseburger with crispy bacon, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli sauce, and a fried egg on top. This burger has literally everything you need, salty, sweet, and saucy.

The Fire Drill brings MAJOR heat as a single patty burger with pepper jack cheese, salsa verde, chipotle aioli, spicy guacamole, slow roasted garlic tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and crispy tortilla chips. A truly amazing burger bringing flavor to heat. This burger is not for the faint of heart!

Lastly, if you’re feeling REALLY hungry, the Detention. IMG_8407This mammoth of a burger is a double patty with crispy bacon grilled cheeses as the buns. Yes, you read that correctly, two entire grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. Between the two grilled cheese’s and the two burger patties is also caramelized onion, and Bernie’s house made ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Fear not, if you’re not a beefeater, you’re still in luck at Bernie’s because their chicken sandwich is equally delicious, and they have salads to match. On the side, don’t forget their fresh fries – either regular or sweet potatoes. And definitely don’t forget about their ketchup. As mentioned, their condiments are made in-house and as with all their food has a unique trademark taste, but the ketchup has really made their mark. It’s sweet and tangy and absolutely delicious on everything.


As a special Heights exclusive, this new location is the only Bernie’s with a full bar pushing specialty cocktails to go with every burger!!

Take another favorite, The Unicorn Burger (which has a patty made of pork shoulder and pecan smoked bacon, topped with pepper jack cheese, pimento mac and cheese, arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes, and house made mustard on a soft pretzel bun) and pair it with your new favorite cocktail.

Wash it down with either the Ancho Mama’s Pimm made with Pimm’s liqueur, ancho chile liqueur, and fresh lemon juice, or the Watermelon Margerita made with silver tequila, fresh watermelon, Peychaud’s liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and nectar agave.

Now that we’ve given you a quick cheat sheet (Bernie’s pun). You have all the tools you need to get in the new location and have an awesome meal. Bernie’s Burgers is the truth and you’ll be dreaming for more the second you walk out the door!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Same Look, New Taste – RA Sushi


This past week, New Food Houston was invited to visit Ra Sushi for a tasting of their menu during their 13th Annual Nicky Week Special. What we discovered was the same nostalgic Ra we often visited years ago, except with a new fresh flavor.

Nicky’s Week is an honorary event that happens for one week each year at Ra in commemoration of Nicky, the child of a Ra founder who battled cancer. When you dine from the Nicky’s Week menu, 100% of the sales go to St. Jude’s Hospital. This week, those dates were from May 22-28, so keep an eye out for this event in the future. It’s an amazing way to give back and eat well while doing it!

Now, for this new food we tasted. I’m not sure about ya’ll, Houston, but Ra used to be the spot for happy hour. Especially, before a big concert or event, it seemed like the whole city would meet there. It was the perfect place to throw back some Saki bombs and cheap food before hitting the night. But until now, thinking of Ra as a place to go outside of the hours of 3-7 or 10-11 (yes, reverse happy hour!) never crossed my mind.

So, lets get started with some of their best new dishes:IMG_7825

The Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail. This dish was amazing. As the name suggests, it’s just strips of melt-in-your-mouth fresh Yellowtail in a garlic ponzu sauce, with scallions and micro greens on top. Simple, but it didn’t need to be more complicated. This fish was so tender and fresh, it would be a crime to roll it up with cream cheese and crab mix. The raw fish boat is here to stay and Ra is doing it just as well as the big dogs with this dish.

The “Ra”ckin Shrimp. These bad boy shrimp tacos had fried shrimp, Asian coleslaw, and guacamole, topped with ginger teriyaki sauce all in a crispy gyoza shell. With the airy shell and the crispy shrimp, this dish was a hit. Bright, fresh, and flavorful!


The Salmon Poke. So, poke is a huge thing now in Houston. The best of the best is popping up all over the city to be crowned the top poke spot. Ra is secretly stepping in with their own poke specials, and while you can’t create your own bowl, their concoction will leave you wanting more. They have Ahi Tuna, Salmon, and mixed Poke options, each with cucumbers, avocado, green onions, seaweed salad, and sesame seeds in their poke sauce. On the side they give a giant heap of white rice and some spicy mayo and Sriracha sauce. This pre-mixed poke really was great and we went with the Salmon first. The fish was fresh and the poke sauce was light and refreshing. The onions and cucumbers were finely chopped and seemed to be well marinated in the poke sauce. Overall, the poke is worth ordering if you want something light and refreshing.

After trying all the fresh new dishes on the Ra menu, we had to kick it old school and see if the notorious Viva Las Vegas Roll was still popping. It’s a cool roll, with crab and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed, lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, crab mix and sliced lotus root, finished with sweet eel sauce and green tempura bits. Still the same roll as I remembered it to be. Its textures and flavor are definitely there, but man this bad boy is heavy. Beware when ordering it with a ton of other dishes, but by itself, it serves as a hardy well-reasoned choice!img_7826.jpg

All in all, our visit to Ra was surprisingly delicious and worthy of another attendance. New fresh dishes and innovative ideas have led Ra in the right sushi direction. With so much competition, their happy hour times still makes them stand out (3-7pm and 10-11pm Monday-Saturday and 3-11 pm on Sunday). With their new great food, its hard to pick another place to go to. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and Ra is having happy hour ALL DAY. It’s supposed to rain (surprise, surprise) so head to Ra and try their new dishes!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Mr. Brainwash Art Opening


Who said there’s not much to do in Houston??


#BrandNewHouston has got you covered!

On April 27, 2017 Art of the World Gallery on Westheimer began their 3-month long feature of Mr. Brainwash, controversial French street artist, with a massive opening featuring Mr. Brainwash himself. Dozens of Brainwash’s pieces were displayed and on sale including his iconic broken record and spray paint designs. He also created a one-of-a-kind Houston poster, which can be yours for $1,000 including an autograph if bought at the opening. As the only art gallery of that magnitude, Art of the World Gallery annually features and sells art by prominent and famous artists from around the world. Fingers crossed for Banksy next time #ExitThroughTheGiftShop

The best part of the event… catering by Armando’s! Delicious dishes rotated the room all night including tuna tartare tacos, beef empanadas, and shrimp ceviche bites. Every bite was just as delicious as in-restaurant!

Make sure you keep your ears open for the next big event, and hit up Armando’s in the meantime. Houston is an amazing city with so many fun activities and events to attend! We hope to see you at the next one!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



The Solemn Ceremony of… Eating!

Brand New Houston is back! And with a bang!

Today we dive in to a rich and savory Heights gem, known as Ritual. This place is amazing, taking you on a food adventure from first entrance.

Walking in, the setting has an old east coast feel. Especially with the brick walls and the staff uniforms, you immediately feel like you’re in New York City circa 1928 Prohibition times.

One thing you’ll pick up on right away – you need to order meat. Why? Well everywhere you look will be giant cuts of butchered and aging meats just hanging deliciously. Literally, there was a pig head right next to me as I was eating and not in a scary FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegway, but like in a “were going to feed you so good way”.

First order was their famous appetizer Sourdough Hush Puppies with a jalapeno jelly. Not really spicy, mostly sweet. These babies are GOOD, but make sure you start eating them from the bottom because that’s where all the juice is. In bread opposite world, the soggier the better.

Next, main courses. We were there for brunch, so you already know it was HARD to choose because 1. Brunch is the best meal of the day and 2. Every single thing that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. A best of both worlds was chosen – Butcher’s Breakfast and Chicken & Waffles. Each must be discussed separately, otherwise would be an injustice.

Chicken and Waffles:

LITERALLY, the best chicken and waffles of life. Think salty and sweet and acidic and seasoned and crispy and fluffy. ALL OF THE THINGS. There is a thick and fluffy cornbread waffle on the bottom. Sounds weird, but totally not because it needs to be cornbread thick to hold the heavenly sauce. Then crispy, boneless chicken strips lay delicately on top completely smothered in this cayenne pepper rub and maple syrup mix which is like a sun orange color of flavor. On top to round it out perfectly, house made pickles to add the perfect amount of acid to each bite. And that exactly how it should be eaten.

Waffle + Chicken + Pickle = Never Look Back.


The Infamous Butcher’s Breakfast:

This dish right here is not for the faint of heart. If you love breakfast food, love a good steak, and have a hearty appetite, look no further than the first option on the menu. What you get here is…. Every single thing in the kitchen. More explicitly, a perfectly cooked and flavorful rib eye, deceivably thick cut, yet crisp bacon, silkier than silk grits (think – lighter than whipped cream), expertly prepared hash browns, Texas toast with delightfully refreshing house made cranberry jelly, and yard eggs cooked your way (we recommend sunny side up so the recently farmed runny egg yolk can grace the far reaching ends of your deliciously arranged plate in a way that was once only relished by royalty). Everything made here is completely farm to kitchen so fresh is an understatement. If you’re dreaming of breakfast heaven or a haven, say hello to Ritual.


Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Top 25 Songs of the Last Quarter and More Eats

Hello 2017!!! Brand New Houstonwishes all of our fellow Houstonians a wonderful new year, full of love, positivity, blessings, and amazing food!  So, in celebration of the New Year, Brand New Houston is starting the year with the gift of food and music.

After searching far and wide for the best up and coming artist in the city, Brand New Houston is proud to present the playlist: “The 4th Quarter Needs Overtime”.  The 4th quarter of 2016 presented a lot of great music and we featured and highlighted 25 songs between October and December that are still in heavy rotation with us, and should be making their way to your favorite section too.  With a wide ranging consortium, The 4th Quarter Needs Overtime has something for everybody with smooth tracks like Bikini Bottom, club bangers in The Truth and Kobe, conscious rap in Wake Up, and with R&B joints like CRLS & MLNN you’re sure to find something you like.  We like them all and are looking forward to what 2017 brings so check out the playlist below and enjoy some music from of Houston’s best rising talent.

The Playlist


You can find the full list of 25 songs below.

  1. Stoppa – Daily
  2. Chatter TNN – AMEN!
  3. Section Dope – The Truth
  4. A Dream Atwood – BiKini Bottom
  5. Cam Wallace – Work Stretch
  6. Wilough – Top Off
  8. LEA – PARTY
  9. HeadHanxho – Water Down
  10. Young Apollo – Wake Up
  11. Antho – Let Them Hate (ft. Section 59)
  12. DADA – KOBE (ft. Zeuz)
  13. Frank Woods – Throwin Up The H
  14. MFN Kel$ – Another Hashtag
  15. Chatter TNN – Vibe
  16. Bahhdi – CRLS & MLNN
  17. Rex Wild – So Long
  18. OMB Blood Bath – Guess You Ain’t Know
  19. George Baine$ – Letter 2 GOD
  20. Jay Lino – Dear Jermaine
  21. Dertyboytroy – My Lit
  22. NODFATHER – It Rained Today
  23. Hustle Boy DaDa – Big Bag
  24. Lil Semi – MAXXWAVE
  25. Katlynn Simone – Don’t (Bryson Tiller Cover)


And now, the food! We wanted to start the year out right, by promoting a local small business and one of our absolute favorite Houston-only restaurants is YoYo’s Hotdogs!! YoYo’s is a small hotdog stand that opens at night in various parts of the city. Most notably, YoYo’s can be found in Rice Village, at 5555 Morningside Drive after 9 p.m. on the weekends.

Brand New Houston has been enjoying YoYo and his one-of-a-kind hotdogs for many years now and what we’ve noticed is that the lines keep growing, but the quality never changes. YoYo himself is a former sushi chef who probably made a bomb ass hotdog in his kitchen one day and decided it was too good to keep to himself and so he blessed the streets of Houston with his magnificent concoction. That’s a Brand New Houston created story, but it sure sounds like a great birth of the best hotdog ever created.

Now, I know most of you are pretty familiar with the standard hotdog. A little mustard and ketchup, maybe even some relish. We’ve even been a bit adventurous at times and have put a little barbeque sauce on a grilled dog. Well throw all of that away and allow yourself to enter a new world of hotdogs. Don’t be picky, don’t even look at the ingredients if you think you might be scared away (unless you have allergies, then definitely look at the menu). There’s only 1 item on the menu: the hotdog, it comes fully loaded, and that’s exactly how you should try it. * View deliciousness below.

This is the hotdog “Fully Loaded”

For those that are curious and down for whatever, the “Fully Loaded” hotdog is topped with cream cheese, spicy mustard, curry ketchup, grilled onions, crunchy fried onions, honey mayo, and Sriracha sauce. Its delicious, and despite how it sounds, its not spicy, its just FLAVORFUL! We have taken the wimpiest and most basic of eaters to visit YoYo and they have devoured every bite of their dog with dreams of YoYo hotdogs every night afterwards. YoYo’s hotdogs surpasses cuisines and types of eateries, it is truly for everyone, which is exactly why it had a 5 star rating on Yelp with over 200 reviews!

YoYo is just a sweet man following his hotdog dreams by allowing us to indulge in the best hotdog ever created. He might not remember you because he makes over 1,000 hotdogs a night, but he sure will treat you like family. So, next time you’re leaving a local Houston bar, club, show, or party and you’re getting that 2 a.m. food craving, go to and find out where YoYo’s stand is and Uber there immediately. Seriously, don’t drive if you’re drunk or tipsy because you can literally buy 2,500 YoYo hotdogs with the $10,000 it will cost you to fight a DWI charge! So go eat the best hotdogs and never see the basic baseball hotdog the same way ever again!

This year in 2017, Brand New Houston and New Food Houston want to bring you the best dishes in the city as we were so blessed to do in the last 2 months of 2016. While we won’t discriminate against chain restaurants or Houston transplants that provide our city with truly delicious and quality meals, our goal is to personally promote great Houston based restaurants as much as possible. As a Houston based company ourselves, it’s so important to support each other. We wish you all a wonderful year and we hope to grow exponentially with your help and feedback!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!