Wow Bao! Houston’s Best Bulgogi Fries.

Houston!! BNH is back again with more greatness!

Looking for a great place for your next meal? Did you see our post on Instagram (@NewFoodHouston) of some delicious Bulgogi fries?? Head on over to Fat Bao on Kirby and Richmond for some of the best Bao’s and Bulgogi fries in the city!


In a strip mall, in between Sushi King and Office Max, lies your taste buds’ new best friends. After BNH was introduced to Bulgogi fries, theimg_6213 hunt was on for the best in the city, and they were soon found at Fat Bao in the form of Fat Fries. These fries are amazing. Crisp, thin cut fries, with the sweetest most tender Bulgogi meat, topped with a drizzle of Siracha, house mayo, cilantro, and onions – its unbeatable! As your side, go ahead and pick a bao, any bao, because they are all great. If you don’t know what a bao is, it kind of looks like a taco, but its more like a fluffy sandwich. Its steamed yeast, rather than baked yeast which makes it taste like really, really soft bread. Traditionally, it’s filled with BBQ type flavors, but at Fat Bao, its filled with anything and everything delicious. We have tried the Smoked Salmon, the Pork Belly, the Bulgogi, the Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Thai, the… well it’ll honestly be easier to tell you what we haven’t tried.

Really, you can’t go wrong, but make sure you leave room for dessert, because Fat Bao has all their bao bases covered including incredible dessert bao’s, and I do mean incredible. If you can’t choose which dessert bao to get.. go with the S’mores Bao because what’s better than a bao filled with Nutella, marshmallows and Graham Crackers? img_6212I mean really, please leave us a comment and let us know what’s better because we are more than sold on this Fat Bao concoction.

We can’t think of better things to say about Fat Bao and hope these Houstonians are able to grow to serve people beyond Houston because they know what they’re doing and they’re doing it well!


Great Meal.  What’s Next?!

Do you always hear that there’s nothing to do in Houston? Well, after your delicious Fat Bao meal, head over to Discovery Green at 1500 McKinney St. Discovery Green always has great things to do right in the center of Downtown, but during Christmas time, it’s especially a treat because the Lake turns into an Ice Skating rink! Right now the exhibits featured are the Enchanted Promenade by TILT and Firmanent (pictured below) by Christopher Schardt. Both are remarkable light exhibits perfect for people of all ages to enjoy.

Discovery Green Events Calendar

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



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