Mr. Brainwash Art Opening


Who said there’s not much to do in Houston??


#BrandNewHouston has got you covered!

On April 27, 2017 Art of the World Gallery on Westheimer began their 3-month long feature of Mr. Brainwash, controversial French street artist, with a massive opening featuring Mr. Brainwash himself. Dozens of Brainwash’s pieces were displayed and on sale including his iconic broken record and spray paint designs. He also created a one-of-a-kind Houston poster, which can be yours for $1,000 including an autograph if bought at the opening. As the only art gallery of that magnitude, Art of the World Gallery annually features and sells art by prominent and famous artists from around the world. Fingers crossed for Banksy next time #ExitThroughTheGiftShop

The best part of the event… catering by Armando’s! Delicious dishes rotated the room all night including tuna tartare tacos, beef empanadas, and shrimp ceviche bites. Every bite was just as delicious as in-restaurant!

Make sure you keep your ears open for the next big event, and hit up Armando’s in the meantime. Houston is an amazing city with so many fun activities and events to attend! We hope to see you at the next one!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



The Solemn Ceremony of… Eating!

Brand New Houston is back! And with a bang!

Today we dive in to a rich and savory Heights gem, known as Ritual. This place is amazing, taking you on a food adventure from first entrance.

Walking in, the setting has an old east coast feel. Especially with the brick walls and the staff uniforms, you immediately feel like you’re in New York City circa 1928 Prohibition times.

One thing you’ll pick up on right away – you need to order meat. Why? Well everywhere you look will be giant cuts of butchered and aging meats just hanging deliciously. Literally, there was a pig head right next to me as I was eating and not in a scary FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegway, but like in a “were going to feed you so good way”.

First order was their famous appetizer Sourdough Hush Puppies with a jalapeno jelly. Not really spicy, mostly sweet. These babies are GOOD, but make sure you start eating them from the bottom because that’s where all the juice is. In bread opposite world, the soggier the better.

Next, main courses. We were there for brunch, so you already know it was HARD to choose because 1. Brunch is the best meal of the day and 2. Every single thing that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. A best of both worlds was chosen – Butcher’s Breakfast and Chicken & Waffles. Each must be discussed separately, otherwise would be an injustice.

Chicken and Waffles:

LITERALLY, the best chicken and waffles of life. Think salty and sweet and acidic and seasoned and crispy and fluffy. ALL OF THE THINGS. There is a thick and fluffy cornbread waffle on the bottom. Sounds weird, but totally not because it needs to be cornbread thick to hold the heavenly sauce. Then crispy, boneless chicken strips lay delicately on top completely smothered in this cayenne pepper rub and maple syrup mix which is like a sun orange color of flavor. On top to round it out perfectly, house made pickles to add the perfect amount of acid to each bite. And that exactly how it should be eaten.

Waffle + Chicken + Pickle = Never Look Back.


The Infamous Butcher’s Breakfast:

This dish right here is not for the faint of heart. If you love breakfast food, love a good steak, and have a hearty appetite, look no further than the first option on the menu. What you get here is…. Every single thing in the kitchen. More explicitly, a perfectly cooked and flavorful rib eye, deceivably thick cut, yet crisp bacon, silkier than silk grits (think – lighter than whipped cream), expertly prepared hash browns, Texas toast with delightfully refreshing house made cranberry jelly, and yard eggs cooked your way (we recommend sunny side up so the recently farmed runny egg yolk can grace the far reaching ends of your deliciously arranged plate in a way that was once only relished by royalty). Everything made here is completely farm to kitchen so fresh is an understatement. If you’re dreaming of breakfast heaven or a haven, say hello to Ritual.


Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Top 25 Songs of the Last Quarter and More Eats

Hello 2017!!! Brand New Houstonwishes all of our fellow Houstonians a wonderful new year, full of love, positivity, blessings, and amazing food!  So, in celebration of the New Year, Brand New Houston is starting the year with the gift of food and music.

After searching far and wide for the best up and coming artist in the city, Brand New Houston is proud to present the playlist: “The 4th Quarter Needs Overtime”.  The 4th quarter of 2016 presented a lot of great music and we featured and highlighted 25 songs between October and December that are still in heavy rotation with us, and should be making their way to your favorite section too.  With a wide ranging consortium, The 4th Quarter Needs Overtime has something for everybody with smooth tracks like Bikini Bottom, club bangers in The Truth and Kobe, conscious rap in Wake Up, and with R&B joints like CRLS & MLNN you’re sure to find something you like.  We like them all and are looking forward to what 2017 brings so check out the playlist below and enjoy some music from of Houston’s best rising talent.

The Playlist


You can find the full list of 25 songs below.

  1. Stoppa – Daily
  2. Chatter TNN – AMEN!
  3. Section Dope – The Truth
  4. A Dream Atwood – BiKini Bottom
  5. Cam Wallace – Work Stretch
  6. Wilough – Top Off
  8. LEA – PARTY
  9. HeadHanxho – Water Down
  10. Young Apollo – Wake Up
  11. Antho – Let Them Hate (ft. Section 59)
  12. DADA – KOBE (ft. Zeuz)
  13. Frank Woods – Throwin Up The H
  14. MFN Kel$ – Another Hashtag
  15. Chatter TNN – Vibe
  16. Bahhdi – CRLS & MLNN
  17. Rex Wild – So Long
  18. OMB Blood Bath – Guess You Ain’t Know
  19. George Baine$ – Letter 2 GOD
  20. Jay Lino – Dear Jermaine
  21. Dertyboytroy – My Lit
  22. NODFATHER – It Rained Today
  23. Hustle Boy DaDa – Big Bag
  24. Lil Semi – MAXXWAVE
  25. Katlynn Simone – Don’t (Bryson Tiller Cover)


And now, the food! We wanted to start the year out right, by promoting a local small business and one of our absolute favorite Houston-only restaurants is YoYo’s Hotdogs!! YoYo’s is a small hotdog stand that opens at night in various parts of the city. Most notably, YoYo’s can be found in Rice Village, at 5555 Morningside Drive after 9 p.m. on the weekends.

Brand New Houston has been enjoying YoYo and his one-of-a-kind hotdogs for many years now and what we’ve noticed is that the lines keep growing, but the quality never changes. YoYo himself is a former sushi chef who probably made a bomb ass hotdog in his kitchen one day and decided it was too good to keep to himself and so he blessed the streets of Houston with his magnificent concoction. That’s a Brand New Houston created story, but it sure sounds like a great birth of the best hotdog ever created.

Now, I know most of you are pretty familiar with the standard hotdog. A little mustard and ketchup, maybe even some relish. We’ve even been a bit adventurous at times and have put a little barbeque sauce on a grilled dog. Well throw all of that away and allow yourself to enter a new world of hotdogs. Don’t be picky, don’t even look at the ingredients if you think you might be scared away (unless you have allergies, then definitely look at the menu). There’s only 1 item on the menu: the hotdog, it comes fully loaded, and that’s exactly how you should try it. * View deliciousness below.

This is the hotdog “Fully Loaded”

For those that are curious and down for whatever, the “Fully Loaded” hotdog is topped with cream cheese, spicy mustard, curry ketchup, grilled onions, crunchy fried onions, honey mayo, and Sriracha sauce. Its delicious, and despite how it sounds, its not spicy, its just FLAVORFUL! We have taken the wimpiest and most basic of eaters to visit YoYo and they have devoured every bite of their dog with dreams of YoYo hotdogs every night afterwards. YoYo’s hotdogs surpasses cuisines and types of eateries, it is truly for everyone, which is exactly why it had a 5 star rating on Yelp with over 200 reviews!

YoYo is just a sweet man following his hotdog dreams by allowing us to indulge in the best hotdog ever created. He might not remember you because he makes over 1,000 hotdogs a night, but he sure will treat you like family. So, next time you’re leaving a local Houston bar, club, show, or party and you’re getting that 2 a.m. food craving, go to and find out where YoYo’s stand is and Uber there immediately. Seriously, don’t drive if you’re drunk or tipsy because you can literally buy 2,500 YoYo hotdogs with the $10,000 it will cost you to fight a DWI charge! So go eat the best hotdogs and never see the basic baseball hotdog the same way ever again!

This year in 2017, Brand New Houston and New Food Houston want to bring you the best dishes in the city as we were so blessed to do in the last 2 months of 2016. While we won’t discriminate against chain restaurants or Houston transplants that provide our city with truly delicious and quality meals, our goal is to personally promote great Houston based restaurants as much as possible. As a Houston based company ourselves, it’s so important to support each other. We wish you all a wonderful year and we hope to grow exponentially with your help and feedback!

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Wow Bao! Houston’s Best Bulgogi Fries.

Houston!! BNH is back again with more greatness!

Looking for a great place for your next meal? Did you see our post on Instagram (@NewFoodHouston) of some delicious Bulgogi fries?? Head on over to Fat Bao on Kirby and Richmond for some of the best Bao’s and Bulgogi fries in the city!


In a strip mall, in between Sushi King and Office Max, lies your taste buds’ new best friends. After BNH was introduced to Bulgogi fries, theimg_6213 hunt was on for the best in the city, and they were soon found at Fat Bao in the form of Fat Fries. These fries are amazing. Crisp, thin cut fries, with the sweetest most tender Bulgogi meat, topped with a drizzle of Siracha, house mayo, cilantro, and onions – its unbeatable! As your side, go ahead and pick a bao, any bao, because they are all great. If you don’t know what a bao is, it kind of looks like a taco, but its more like a fluffy sandwich. Its steamed yeast, rather than baked yeast which makes it taste like really, really soft bread. Traditionally, it’s filled with BBQ type flavors, but at Fat Bao, its filled with anything and everything delicious. We have tried the Smoked Salmon, the Pork Belly, the Bulgogi, the Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Thai, the… well it’ll honestly be easier to tell you what we haven’t tried.

Really, you can’t go wrong, but make sure you leave room for dessert, because Fat Bao has all their bao bases covered including incredible dessert bao’s, and I do mean incredible. If you can’t choose which dessert bao to get.. go with the S’mores Bao because what’s better than a bao filled with Nutella, marshmallows and Graham Crackers? img_6212I mean really, please leave us a comment and let us know what’s better because we are more than sold on this Fat Bao concoction.

We can’t think of better things to say about Fat Bao and hope these Houstonians are able to grow to serve people beyond Houston because they know what they’re doing and they’re doing it well!


Great Meal.  What’s Next?!

Do you always hear that there’s nothing to do in Houston? Well, after your delicious Fat Bao meal, head over to Discovery Green at 1500 McKinney St. Discovery Green always has great things to do right in the center of Downtown, but during Christmas time, it’s especially a treat because the Lake turns into an Ice Skating rink! Right now the exhibits featured are the Enchanted Promenade by TILT and Firmanent (pictured below) by Christopher Schardt. Both are remarkable light exhibits perfect for people of all ages to enjoy.

Discovery Green Events Calendar

Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!



Welcome to The Brand New Houston


Brand New Houstonchecking in for the first time on our blog!

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, move over! Here at Brand New Houston, our goal is to show the world that Houston is an authority and a leader in food, music, arts, culture, and entertainment. Houston doesn’t ride the wave, we ARE The Wave! (check Houston’s resume: 1. chopped and screwed music 2. Texas BBQ 3. slabs, to name a few). In fact, Anthony Bourdain recently highlighted Houston in his show No Reservations.  The city has so much more to offer than can be explained in a hour long segment and we’re happy to introduce, expand on, and magnify all things that are great about Houston. Brand New Houston will keep our eyes and ears open for the best from our city, so know that if something has our Brand New Houston stamp of approval fullsizerender-jpg-2, its worth checking out!

Hopefully, this blog can be an avenue where we can get up close and personal with our fellow Houstonians and give you more feedback regarding our 3rd Coast recommendations!

This week our features are:

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